Internship seeker DESS en chaîne logistique HEC Montreal Quebec on

I'm opened to the following post: Dispatching, fleet manager or supply analyst at Calgary. No restrictions for the town. at least 8 months. Expecting to have more like a contract

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Date of last connection: 2014-03-16
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H3R2M2 Montreal Quebec

Prepared job(s): : Analyst supplier or Dispatcher


School: HEC H3T2A7 Montreal Quebec

Education level: DESS en chaîne logistique 1st year
DESS en chaîne logistique
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +11
Last diploma : Licence en Logistique et Transport
Current educational level : +11
Prepared job(s): : Analyst supplier or Dispatcher

Duration of the internship: 8 months
Beginning of the internship:
2013-09-01 2013-05-31
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Software: WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK and LOTUS. ), software tracking and Module Production and Logistics of the Lawson ERP. Then, current utilisation of MS PROJECT and RSP

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
French : Native
English : Working language

Cover letter

I would like to apply as analyst supplier or Dispacther throught long my internships in Calgary.During the previous 10 years of experience, my job was to identify and define the need, to plan procurement, according to priority and concern balancing inventory in distribution centers.
I also developed Office and ERP skills in order to enable the performance of the service. That's why i followed up and reported some KPI An internship in Calgary will help me integrate the area and perform my english.Hope that my CV retain your attention, receive my greetings.



- 09
years experience in supplying distant warehouses.

- Training in Logistics and Transport.

-Excellent ability to manage priorities and
schedule monitoring. Organizational skills and facilities to meet deadlines.

- Ability to
lead a team and maintain business relationships with third party carriers.

- Bilingual

- Goals

Professionnal Experiences

Logistic Officer 2011-2012
Newrest Inflight
Montreal Quebec


- Identify and collect catering needs of
airlines and rail transport companies

- Define the needs of kitchens production.

- Establish boarding bills

- Scheduling tasks associated with the service offered.
- Follow deliveries via radio.

- Answer and redirect incoming calls.


- billing errors reducted
- Creation and updating database flight models
Logistics Section Chief 2010-2011

Breweries Limited Company of Cameroon specializing in the production and
distribution of beverages in Cameroon and the CEMAC sub-region, a subsidiary of
Groupe Castel

- Plan
needs and supplies warehouses.

- Optimize the flow of products and packaging in the distribution network.

- Follow a fleet of 92 vehicles by GPS

- Appraise and ensure standard security vehicles.

- Driving a team of 28 staff including 4 officers & 24 forklift


-Significant reduction of shortage..

- Balancing inventory warehouses.

- Definition of storage areas and the workload of a new warehouse

Foreman Logistics 2002-2010

Breweries Limited Company of Cameroon


- Manage and coordinate inventory supply warehouse.

- Organize and supervise supply packaging plant.

- Driving a team of 09 agents and a fleet of 20 vehicles.

- Manage claims of Third party Carriers


- Estimated need for fleet vehicles.

- Setting up standard lead time and shortage ratio

- Optimization of rotations.
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Les derniers stagiaires

• Stagiaire pour I'm opened to the following post: Dispatching, fleet manager or supply analyst at Calgary. No restrictions for the town. at least 8 months. Expecting to have more like a contract

School: HEC Montreal Quebec H3T2A7 DESS en chaîne logistique Analyst supplier or Dispatcher

(H3R2M2 Montreal Quebec Ca )

• Stagiaire pour Recherche de stage en gestion des risques à partir de Janvier 2010

School: HEC Montréal Montréal H3T2A7 Analyste de risques, gestionnaire de risques

(T2R0P7 Calgary Ca )

• Stagiaire pour Stage en commerce international et dans le domaine de l'importation et exportation. Le lieux du stage ne m'importe peu. Pour ce qui est de la durée, j'aimerais un stage de 3 mois et plus avec possibilité de prolongation si les deux partis sont interessés.

School: Université Laval Québec, Canada premier cycle Gestion internationale, opération et logistique (diplôme obtenu)

(T3G 1X4 Calgary Ca )